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A 1-minute Nike Snowboarding ad spot supporting the 2-part Never Not movie project. I worked with Director Joe Carlino on this and wrote the voiceover script.

Trailer for Olympic medalist Mark McMorris' snowboarding film. I worked with Mark and Director Bryan Knox as Writer/Producer; writing the initial treatments, building the storyline, doing athlete interviews, and writing the final voiceovers.

Trailer for The Unrideables: Alaska Range. This 46-minute sport documentary introduces Speedriding to a global audience. I worked with Freeride Entertainment Director Derek Westerlund as the Writer: building the narrative, writing voiceover, and doing athlete interviews.

This 30-minute World Of X Games show aired on ABC. I built the storyline, wrote the voiceover, and did all the interviews.

Peace Park is snowboarding’s most progressive park event. My work on this project included writing the treatment, building storylines, and scripting Danny's voiceover. I also did all the interviews. The show aired on ABC.

An award-winning, 48-minute action-documentary for Nike Snowboarding. I worked with Director Per-Hampus Stålhandske from concept to completion: writing, building the storyline, and doing all the interviews.

I joined director Embry Rucker on a shoot with master surf shaper Bill Stewart to talk about a new board design and watch him work. I interviewed Stewart. Cool guy. 

This reel is a compilation of selected scenes from recent projects featuring narrative voice, interview and scripted voiceover work.

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